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Growing an Idea

We are all busy people, however at times we need to stop and take note of where we  are going. Southland is a unique region, a large geographical area, many small populations and two regional centres.

Gore has a great central location within the province and is a natural hub for roading infrastructure, transportation and supporting agriculture. Invercargill is the largest urban centre and is the gateway to our region via air. It has growing tourisim awareness based on a transportation theme. It has close proximity to the deep water harbour at Bluff.

These towns will grow through their natural advantages and should look past the need for a parochial council.

A strong and inclusive Southland is the way foreward.


Southern scenic route

Next Steps...

In the following page I have examined the four councils and compared them against three councils in the upper South Island who are unitary authorities (they are one council that meet all local government requirements).